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15 June 2007 @ 11:24 am
Macklesfelde In Ye Olden Time  
My husband just brought to my attention a lovely piece by Isaac A. Finney, an antiquarian, written in 1873, about the history of Macclesfield, which has been lovingly reproduced online:

In the annals of British history we do not find any county in England that has been more distinguished for men of chivalry and military prowess than the men of Cheshire. Their heroic exploits in the many exciting scenes that have occurred in England's early history, or from the tenth century down to the present time, are well known. In the Wars of the Roses the men of this county stand particularly prominent; indeed there is scarcely an event of importance, from the Battle of Cressy to the present day, where the names of Cheshire heroes occur more frequently than in and near the ancient Borough of Macclesfield, and boasting as it did even as early as the tenth century of its Royal Manor and Forest, and containing within its precincts at the same time the Palace of the Saxon Earls, and (later on) the princely residence of the great Dukes of Buckingham, need we be surprised that it should endeavour to maintain its dignity and importance in respect to men of renowned name, and thus hand down to future ages a long list of heroes who have fought in defence of England's greatness, from the Battle of Cressy down to the memorable times of Balaclava and Inkermann.

It's marvellous, and can be found right here.